Maverick politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong has reportedly released six images of ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

We cannot independently verify if indeed the images making the rounds on social media are those of the journalist as he uses over 150 prosthetics to conceal his true identity in the course of his undercover operations.

An Anas Aremeyaw Anas photo as released by Kennedy Agyapong on Net 2 TV

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According to Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Anas has been setting up most of his victims and is, therefore, releasing images of his identity to enable Ghanaians to know who he is.

He also claims that Anas owns some high rise buildings in Dzorwulu adding that he obtained his law degree dubiously using the former Chief Justice.

“What is Kwaku Baako talking about. I respect him ‘paaa’ but we don’t fear him. Go to Midas Residence and see the houses he has put up there. He and his partner Phillip. Go and see Midas and tell me which journalist can build that.” Ken fired.

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In an interview on Ekosii Sen on Asempa FM on Monday, Kennedy  Agyapong said: “I will expose Anas because he is not clean. I will put my life on the line against Anas”, he stated.

He repeated the threats on Tuesday on Adom TV insisting he was going to release images of the journalist to the public only for these to surface purported to be those images.

Close associates to Anas have refused to comment if those are his images or otherwise except to say, they are determined to go ahead with the premiering of the Number 12 as stated and remain unfazed by attempts to halt the process.

The investigative piece, which is said to be on football and politics, is set to be premiered in Accra on 6th and 7th June, in Kumasi on 9th and 10th June, Tamale on 13th June and in Takoradi on 16th 2018.

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  1. I really love Kennedy Agyapong and would Love to meet him one-day but I don’t think what he did as in releasing images of Anas isOhemaa Georgia Aguemang right since he is helping us fight again corruption in our country.i stand to be corrected

    • Its unfortunate this is your perception about Kennedy Agyapong. He is not helping to fight corruption, he is fighting to protect his own works from being exposed by Anas.
      None of the police in our country and around our country can do the work Anas is doing. He is a gift from God to this country and is it sad that his destruction is rather making you happy. How unfortunate! More so he has put a different person up there. Anas is not even known by his own family.

  2. Oh Mr. Ken my good friend why do you want to confuse Ghana your beloved country.
    This pictures need to be addressed again.
    Your time wasting will end next week, so please work fast to convince Ghanaian’s and the world.
    Remember Anas is an international figure, don’t disgrace your self to the World.
    This is a little advise for you ‘If you can’t beat Anas, kindly join him.
    Mr. Ken you need free consultation about Anas call: 0202121445. between 5pm – 7pm each day.

  3. Ah but is Anas a model or something? How can someone who has been hiding his identity from the public due to security reasons take such hot photos like that? To show to who, his family who already know his identity? These pictures don’t make any sense.

  4. From my observation of the pictures released, the man in the hat is the same man in the picture below. What most of us dont know is whether that is Anas. We have become spectators among a tussle and what we see are bundle of pics being thrown at us.

  5. Kennedy should come again cos we are not in kindergarten, even a kindergarten child will know the pictures looks different oooo. You talk too much mr. You are in the same line with Anas becuase you investigate others as well… leave Anas to do his work huh.

  6. It’s quite unfortunate Ken Agyapong want Ghanaians to believe everything he says. He seems not to be a good politician. He was only voted into Parliament because of his money. I am advising him to take part in Parliamentary debates so as to contribute to the development of our country. Coming out publicly with insults and bad publicity on fellow Ghanaians is really an insult the big house he is now a member.

  7. Hahahaha…Anas Indeed, different pictures shown, in fact Ghanaians are not eager to know who is behind the mask but rather who is behind the corruption and other evil acts. All what we care about is exposing the evil men and women who are dragging the nation backward. Kennedy you blast

  8. Dear Adom 106.3 FM, please I can identify two models in the pictures Kennedy Agyapong has released……….Pactrick Marcelino and Paulo Pascoal. I can give you hundreds of their pics if you need any……..please let Ghanaians know he is deceiving them?

  9. Ken, what is your beef?
    Why is your blood boiling? ?
    The kind of rage and your fuming of fire and brimstone over Anas exposes, makes one wonder, your true allegiance! !
    And, I just had a thought, you are one of them people, milking GHANA small?
    You should come again.

  10. Hon Ken Agyarpong, we don’t need dis at dis stage of our democracy. Sir, if you have a problem with Anas’ modus operandi, Adom and Net 2 television stations are not the appropriate platform, the court is, take him there. The court of public opinion can only speculate, but can’t prosecute.
    I’m a one of your fans, but dis is unnecessary.

  11. So this too knowing man just floats the pics of Anas for what reason? That corrupt people should locate Anas and eliminate him? Y is he soo worried? Kennedy is very insane. Has he soiled himself that much in the expose? he has very intentions.

  12. You are an enemy of the fight against corruption. I feel sorry for you because you do not listen to anyone and because you feel that you are rich, you do not care what corruption is doing to the poor. You cannot fight against the wind. You are wasting your time.

  13. Mr. Ken, Anas has done such a great job of which you could have help him with your assets but now you’re just sitting saying shits about such a person. What can of Hippo-crate are you. Ghanaians are tied with these thing that you do, everybody know you so pls don’t bring yourself up.