The Medical and Dental Council has revealed that the embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Obengfo Hospital, Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh was not licensed to practice.

Deputy Registrar, Divine Banyubala who disclosed this said as of the time of the death of Stacy Offei-Darko, who was the deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP), the hospital operated illegally.

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“The Council is not asleep at all, we are not toothless, we’ve caused the institution to be closed down on two occasions and the institution for whatever reason was reopened. We have reported the matter to the appropriate state agencies to really take up the matter because the Medical and Dental Council does not arrest or prosecute.

“We knew he operated illegally as of the time Stacy died and we tried all we could,” he said on Accra based Neat FM.

Stacy Offei-Darko is reported to have passed away at the Obenfo Hospital in Accra on Monday, May 21, 2018.

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However, the hospital authorities decided to deposit her body at the morgue four days after her death without informing her family members.

According to the family, the body of the deceased was deposited at the morgue within four hours after her death and was informed about the incident three days later.

This development infuriated the family and friends of the deceased leading to the arrest of Dr Obeng-Andoh.

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But Divine Banyubala believes the council played their role, adding that the docket of that case is with the Attorney General.

According to him, Dr Obeng-Andoh’s registration expired in 2013 and has since not been able to renew it, adding that “as we speak now, Dr Obeng Andoh of Obengfo Hospital does not have a valid registration to be able to practice medicine or dentistry in Ghana.”


  1. Closed it down twice so what? Was the general public aware that it operated illegally? Does your outfit have a system of reporting illegal operators to the general public. People in Authority just don’t care about the ordinary Ghanaian. So many people have died in this facility nothing was done about it but once a prominent person died see news all over. Its really really sad. People want to be in Authority and once they get the mandate they quickly go to sleep.

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