Some angry University of Cape Coast students have allegedly attacked ‘Downflat’ Hitmaker Kelvynboy known in real life as Kelvyn Brown on the school’s campus.

Reports of the incident which are springing up on social media along with a video showed some upheavals late in the night.

Kelvynboy was seen being heckled by some aggrieved students of UCC over his decision to perform early and leave Cape Coast.

Social media reports have it that Kelvynboy was billed to perform at the University of Cape Coast’s 60th-anniversary launch.

However, the Down Flat crooner had also been booked for an event at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

So in a bid to satisfy both parties, Kelvynboy went to the campus of UCC first to perform so as to rush back as fast as possible to Accra to thrill the UPSA students.

Kelvynboy’s plans were not satisfactory enough for the students of UCC who felt aggrieved that he wanted to perform early which is not noted for A-list artistes (noted for coming on stage almost at the end).

But, the students prevented him from leaving as was seen in the video which is circulating on social media.

It took some security personnel to calm down the enraged crowd who were not backing down until their demands were met.