Keche Andrew and his wife Joana during their wedding | Photo: @joanagyancudjoe/ Instagram
Keche Andrew and his wife Joana during their wedding | Photo: @joanagyancudjoe/ Instagram

Joana Gyan, a successful businesswoman and wife of musician Andrew Keche, has replied trolls who claim she is an old woman.

According to her, critics hardly get to her, hence she pays no heed to comments on social media because they haven’t seen a young Ghanaian girl who is rich like me.

Some social media critics after Keche Andrew tied the knot with Miss Gyan said he had married an old woman but reacting to this, the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Empire Legacy Limited said “no one prays for a poor person.”

She recalled: Someone said after our wedding that Andrew has gotten his own Diana Asamoah… do I look like an old lady? We are both 35 years.

Ghanaian women don’t like work. They haven’t seen a normal Ghanaian girl like me. If they see an old lady they will know. Check out my body and face; I don’t really know what they are saying.

I have an NGO looking after over 500 children. I don’t have any problem. I don’t think someone will go for someone because of money, she fumed.


She told Delay in an interview that, if Andrew were to be in her shoes, Ghanaians would still criticise her regardless.

Who prays for a poor person? No one prays for poverty. If Andrew had money, I would have gone for him. When I met Andrew he already had this three-bedroom apartment and his life was okay.

She, however, rubbished the rumours that she snatched Andrew from his baby mother.

I met him as a cute guy who is responsible and he wasn’t with his baby mother at that time.

When I met him I was like having business stress so I moved from my house to his house. We stayed for many months, if he had a woman there I would have known. He has two kids. He told me he quit the relationship with her but they communicate because of the kids.