Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed

The family of late Ibrahim Mohammed, alias Kaaka, a social activist, has petitioned the Police Intelligence & Police Professional Standards (PIPS) to request for an inquiry into allegations of police misconduct during the Ejura disturbances.

According to the family, the report by the Ministerial Committee that investigated the unrest levelled allegations of misconduct and bribery against the police at Ejura.

It added that other allegations of corruption against Kaaka’s mother cast aspersions on the integrity of the police and that should also be investigated.

A statement from the family read, “the petition brought is to initiate an inquiry into the allegations of criminal and professional misconduct made against the Ejura police, in order that the necessary criminal and administrative sanctions may be applied.”

Copies of the petition have also been sent to the Inspector-General of Police; Attorney-General; and the Minister for Interior.