Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, a televangelist and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, is set to open a free restaurant in April.

The pastor, who said it is his life to help people, said the project is to bring relief to the poor, as his upcoming birthday gift.

The restaurant will run initially for 12 hours to be feeding at least a thousand people on a daily basis. Subsequently, it will metamorphose into a 24-hour venture.

“Spending N6m weekly, 24 millionaire monthly, to be feeding at least a thousand people every week. Just walk in there and eat,” he said.

Making the revelation during a sermon, Apostle Suleman has invited persons of different religious inclination, adding “whether you are a Muslim or Christian, hunger has no religious inclination. Come, eat, and go.”

To prove his project will sustain, he referenced the monthly salary he has been issuing out to 12 to 220 widows monthly since the last 11 years, as evidence he has the financial muscle to back his project.

According to him, it is the right way to use money. “Stop throwing money around. Help the poor, it is the voice that will speak for you when you are no more,” he added.

Apostle Suleman, however, cautioned persons capable of feeding themselves not to show up at his venue as it will deprive needy persons their share.

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