File photo: Gavel

The judge at the Circuit Court at Yendi in the Northern Region, Anthony Aduku-Aidoo, has rebuked the police prosecutor in court for defying a court order.

The court last two weeks remanded five suspects of a kidnapped case into police custody, but the police allegedly granted bail to one of the suspects without recourse to the court.

Police arrested five suspects for alleged kidnapping.

They were put before the Yendi Circuit Court, where they were remanded into police custody for two weeks.

Reports were that, one of the suspects, said to be the leader of the gang, was granted bail by the police.

The police allegedly granted him bail to reappear in court on Tuesday.

The suspect was seen in the community by the complainants and reported it to the judge.

In court on Tuesday, His Honour Anthony Aduku-Aidoo was angry at the police prosecutor warning him not to ever go against the orders of the court.

The police denied the claim and said it was a mistaken identity and that the suspect was still in custody.

The judge has again remanded the suspects into police custody for another two weeks, saying the police will on the next date explain why they went against the court orders.