John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has urged the government to deliberate on changing the four-year office term to five years if they want to function effectively.

According to him, the current four-year term isn’t enough for any president of Ghana or government to function properly.

He explained that the first years of the term usually go to “waste” because it gives the elected government chance to settle in, adding that the fourth year is basically a campaign year, hence no work can be done efficiently.

Taking to Twitter to register his assertion, Mr Dumelo said this leaves every incumbent government only two years for effective work, a gesture he finds appalling.


He wrote:

Four years is not enough for ANY President/ Gov to function effectively. The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for campaign, leaving only two years for effective work. We should consider five years per term.

After several discussions on the micro-blogging app, Mr Dumelo came back with another tweet, thus:

Do you think if we strengthen our institutions, four years is enough for a President/government to fully function?

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