Member of parliament (MP) for Bongo Constituency, Edward Abambire Bawa, has said there will be resistance from the Minority group if the 1st Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei-Owusu, decides to cast his vote as a member of the House while presiding as the Speaker.

This comes following a statement made by the 1st Deputy Speaker to engage himself in any voting proceedings on the E-levy while presiding as the Speaker.

However, while speaking on JoyNews’ AM show, Mr. Bawa responded to the 1st Deputy Speaker’s statement, saying he will be matched squarely and resisted if he attempts to vote on the e-levy as the presiding Speaker.

“You can take my words to the bank; he will be matched squarely on that; he will be resisted. That you can take to the bank, it is an assurance I am giving you,” he stated.

According to him, there are many other means governments can manage the economy without introducing more taxes to generate revenue, like using resources judiciously.

“The issue of making resources available for the government for development must not necessarily be as a result of trying to look for more money. You can also look at cutting down expenditure,” he said.

He said the Minority group has proposed various ways the economic crises in the country can be managed by the government.

“We have given government areas that we can look out to cut the expenditure and still be able to make that 6.9 billion cedi. Unless the government is not telling us the truth then we have a challenge,” he revealed.

The government has proposed an electronic levy of 1.75% when it presented its fiscal policy to the people’s representatives.

But, the proposal has suffered a public backlash from the Minority group in Parliament and various opinion groups.