The pupils and teachers of St Paul Roman Catholic Junior High School (JHS) at Tokuroano in the Krachi East Municipality of the Oti Region, have begun the construction of a four-unit classroom block to enhance teaching and learning.

The construction, which is a mud structure, follows several failed attempts to get the appropriate authorities to provide a conducive place for them.

Academic activities take place under trees on the school compound which creates discomfort when the sun shines or the rain sets in.

A visit by Adom News‘ Obrempongba K Owusu saw the pupils using sun-baked bricks of mud to construct the structure.

Obrempongba observed that a three-unit classroom with its office that was under construction to address the infrastructure challenges has been abandoned under the mercy of the sun.

Speaking to the assistant headteacher of the school, Bismark Alvin Ntimonesi, he disclosed in an interview that the new classroom block would not only provide comfort when completed but also provide a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning.

He said education was key to the development of any society, contributing to the building of individual capacity physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Mr Ntimonesi has, therefore, appealed to Non-Governmental Organisations, corporate entities, philanthropists home and abroad to come to their aid to ensure the future of the little children.

Cynthia Seddy, a teacher, said it is always difficult to meet learning objectives for an academic year because classes are frequently interrupted by either rainfall or sun.

She pleaded with the government for the provision of a befitting classroom block, ICT laboratory, bungalows and office for the current generation of pupils and those yet unborn in the community.

Some of the pupils described the phenomenon as worrying, adding classes often come to a close due to unfavourable weather conditions, therefore, she called on authorities for urgent support.