They are both called ‘Jerry’ and both of them work for Adom 106.3 FM, albeit at different dayparts.

One does news and current affairs show laced with hardcore political content, sometimes, while the other likes to cruise slowly with his listeners to their home every evening.

So, while they may have a common name and by fate, work with the same radio station, they differ with what they do on radio.

Tomorrow, we shall deepen the similarities or differences in traits by swapping their daypart engagements.

We call it #Jerry4Jerry as the two Jerrys – Justice and Forson swap seats on Adom 106.3 FM.

Justice has the task of waking you up with his unique voice in the morning during Dwaso Nsem as Forson takes a seat later in the evening on Ofie Kwanso to drive you home after a hard day’s work.

Perhaps, as listeners, we know what to expect from these two on their regular shows but not with what is about to happen tomorrow.

As an insider, I can whisper to you that their anxiety levels have gone up since a swap decision was communicated to them.

Just join us for the holiday special broadcast on Adom 106.3 FM with your comments on Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, or phone.

One word is certain for tomorrow – fun!