Nana Acheampong
Nana Acheampong

“I’ve never cheated on my wife in our 30 years of marriage. God does not even allow that.”

These are the words of veteran highlife musician Nana Acheampong who identifies himself a strong advocate for fidelity in marriage.

The musical guru made the comments in an interview with Kofi TV while detailing some aspects of his life that have made him ever-young.

Aside his avoidance of alcohol, Nana Acheampong stated he has no business with “girls girls” and that is the reason for the unwavering reputation he has held.

“It gives you tranquility and progress. Our industry evolves around women so if you can’t control yourself, it will be a recipe for disaster. For 30 years back, I have been eating the same food,” he remarked.

The Dada Noaa composer revealed he is content with the wife of his youth, and he respects the marriage institution.

In a sharp contrast, the Highlife legend revealed he used to be freaky during his youthful days, but maturity has taught him there is honour in self-respect and discipline.

Nana Acheampong is married to Madam Miriam Acheampong, and together, they have children including popular afrobeat singer, Gyakie.