pregnant woman who went missing found
pregnant woman who went missing found

Kwesi Nana, the carpenter who found the 29-year-old pregnant woman who went missing in Takoradi on September 16, has narrated how it all happened.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, Kwesi said she saw the woman lying unconscious in front of a church close to his carpentry shop.

This, he said was around 9 am on Tuesday.

According to him, his workers took the woman for a mentally challenged person because of her appearance.

The lady, he said, laid in a garden behind the church, looking dirty as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Kwesi said after a while, his instincts told him to approach the woman so he could understand what was happening to her even if she was mentally challenged.

It was during this engagement that Kwesi realized the lady could not speak.

In the course of their engagements with her, however, she asked to be given a pen and paper with which she started writing.

 “After reading what she wrote on the paper, I realised she was not mentally challenged as we thought as she requested through her notes that we call her pastor whose number she had provided on the paper,” he added.

Kwesi said he had no idea of a missing pregnant woman and so did not even know the victim was the one he found.

Kwesi said even though the lady could not tell her about where her kidnappers her, she told them that they forced her baby while being captive.

He said a police officer who he believes was called by the woman’s pastor came to the shop.

A police officer, he narrated, was at the scene to take a photo of the woman which he sent to his superiors just to ostensibly to be used to confirm the woman’s identity.

Despite being drenched in sorrow, Kwesi revealed the woman began to smile upon sighting her husband after she was rushed to the hospital.

Though she was still unable to talk, her smile was evident that her soul was now at rest after being reunited with her family.

Play the attached audio below for more of Kwesi’s narration: