Kofi Mole
Kofi Mole

Rapper Kofi Mole has expressed his displeasure over the abuse of social media by bloggers and individuals who try to use the tool to defame celebrities.

According to him, he is ready to sue anyone who crosses his path with such an act.

The rapper in an interview with KMJ on SHOWBIZ NOW cautioned people who are into such acts to stay away from him.

When asked by the host if he’s tried to sue anyone for such an act, he said no.

The rapper again said, “it depends on the point it gets to. Yeah, it gets to some point ego sound like defamation. That one I go step in”.

According to him, whther or not he stands to win the case, he will inject his last energy in teaching some keyboard warriors a lesson.

Kofi Mole also spoke about his new EP titled KNACKERVELI which he says was inspired by a lot of things growing up and working to attain success.

The new – track EP is currently available on all digital platforms and videos of some of the songs will be released in the coming days.