Kuami Eugene

Singer Kuami Eugene has envisioned himself breaking through the Chinese market.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz with Doreen Avio, the ‘Single’ hitmaker says China has a large population and African artistes would accomplish the highest feat in their career if they can get the Chinese to play their songs and sing them as well.

“I think as an individual and an artiste coming from Africa, if your music gets to China, it means you are there. If your music gets to China, get booked for a show there, and you go, and it is packed, just stop doing music, you have done everything.”

He added, “If you have your music in China, maybe you do a 10,000 capacity or even 2,000 in China, you have done it all.”

He also spoke about how difficult it is to penetrate such markets, especially when they don’t speak the Ghanaian language and cannot relate to their sound.

“It is not easy to penetrate that market. They have the largest population as well. That is what I have envisioned as an artiste. If my music gets there, and they are playing it and jamming to it, as an African, I think I have done enough, but I am not there yet, so I’m working hard.”

Kuami Eugene just returned from a tour of Europe and is now promoting his new song ‘I Feel Nice’.