Kwaku Manu Bob / Credit: KWAKU MANU

Popular Ghanaian actor and media personality, Kwaku Manu, has recounted his experience during his school days.

According to him, his academic performance wasn’t one to write home about.

“I was not academically good so I told my father that if I don’t pass my exams, I will not go to school again,” he said.

“My father also got to know that I wasn’t academically good because I didn’t get anything that I was taught,” he added.

Kwaku Manu, who doubles as a musician, revealed on Adom TV’s M’ahyɛaseɛ show how he had to rely on the work of classmates in order to pass his exams.

He said, “one of my teachers warned me before my final exams for the term that I shouldn’t write things which make no sense and that is what I did because I had no one close to me to steal from.”

Mr Manu expressed how thankful he is to God for where he finds himself at the moment saying “I always thank God because I wouldn’t be here if we depended solely on education for success.”