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‘I want to bring new girlfriend to son’s wedding – I hope my wife doesn’t mind’


As much as weddings are joyous and wonderful occasions, they can also be incredibly stressful for the bride and groom and their families.

They’ll be worrying about everyone getting on, trying to navigate any dramas on the day, and of course, anticipating any issues that might arise once alcohol gets involved.

For one happy couple, it appears as if a potential catastrophe might be avoided after the groom’s father asked for advice on whether he should bring his girlfriend to the wedding. While it might not sound like a big problem, the caveat is that his wife was also going to be at the nuptials and he was unsure of how to navigate the situation.

Writing into the New York Post’s agony aunt Dear Abby, the father wrote: “My son is getting married in Mexico in six months. I would like to take a special friend with me as my plus-one.”

The man explained that his wife, the groom’s mother has severe dementia and has been in a care facility for two years. He admitted that she doesn’t recognise anyone, including him.

He went on: “Would it be wrong to take my lady friend to Mexico? We haven’t been intimate yet, but romance at the beach in Mexico is very possible. What do I do?”

Thankfully, Abby told the dating dad that his son’s wedding was not the right time to introduce his new girlfriend to people. She suggested he speak to his son and his fiancée and base his decision on their response, rightfully reminding the man that a wedding is supposed to be about the bride and groom, with no other surprises.

Deciding who gets an invite to a wedding can be a logistical nightmare, as the happy couple try and make sure everyone is accounted for.

It can mean that some people get missed out, as one man discovered. After learning his best friend had recently got engaged, he was “over the moon for them”, and when he was asked to be best man, he was thrilled to oblige.

But when he found out that his girlfriend wasn’t invited to the ceremony, only receiving an “evening invitation”, he was left fuming and didn’t want to go without her.

Taking to Reddit to fume about the situation, he wrote: “I know this may make me the a**hole because I’m throwing away years of friendship for something that likely wasn’t a huge consideration for them, there just wasn’t enough space, but knowing how this had made me feel, I don’t think I’d be capable of giving a nice speech during the day.”

In an edit, he explained that he had thought further about the situation, he admitted that he may be “blowing things out of proportion” in hindsight, but “in the heat of the moment it felt like a personal slight” because he’s friends with the pair of them.

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