pregnant woman who went missing found
pregnant woman who went missing found

The twin brother of the missing-but-found pregnant woman in Takoradi has said he disagrees with the assertion that his sister was never pregnant.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen show Thursday, Joseph Kakra Mensah said his sister moved in with him and the mother during her pregnancy.

According to him, he, on many occasions, saw her sister’s protruding baby bump as she slept in his room.

 “Anytime I go to work, I give my keys to her and when I return, I always see her bump getting bigger and bigger.

“I remember telling her one day that her stomach was getting bigger so she should avoid walking around half-naked,” he said.

Kakra says his family will leave every happening to God because they believe her sister was pregnant.

“I know my sister was pregnant. God will speak for us at the right time. Our God is not dead and will definitely not disgrace my sister and our family,” he said.

Mrs Josephine Simon reportedly went missing during a routine morning walk from the Amanoo road to the Paa Grant Roundabout on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

After she was found on Tuesday, September 20, 2021, her husband said she told the family she gave birth the same day she was kidnapped.

But the Regional Minister, in an interview on Wednesday, said preliminary medical examinations and investigations suggested she was never pregnant.

Joseph, reacting to the comments, lashed out at the Minister saying he knows nothing about his family.

“What kind of minister is this? This minister never spoke to us when my sister went missing but decided to run to the public and lie to the public about my sister. This is so so wrong,” he said.