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US-based Ghanaian, Nana Abu Bonsara, has disclosed that he has not spoken to his biological mother for 12 years because the stress is too much.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, he noted that he barely has a relationship with his mum though she sponsored his trip to the United States. He could not disclose much information on why they don’t speak but stated that the ‘stress is too much.’

He revealed that he arrived in the US at age 12. According to him, he was raised by his grandmother and never really knew who his mother was until he arrived in the US.

So “when I arrived, I was expecting a warm welcome and perhaps a hug, but that didn’t happen. The next day, my mum instructed me to cook, but I didn’t know how. She hit me with a frying pan, and I ended up in the hospital for three days. Her attitude towards me changed after that.”

“We haven’t spoken in 12 years. My children don’t know her, and she doesn’t know them either. I can’t say everything because it’s a family issue, but I’ve apologised to her on four different occasions,” he said.

Moreover, he revealed that he was undocumented for 19 years despite coming to the US under his mother’s wings. According to him, he asked his mother to help him process it, but she refused. He added that he had to represent himself in court to get his residence permit.