Actress and entrepreneur Kisa Gbekle has finally cracked and admitted to having a son.

After vehemently denying when the issue of her birth was raised in an interview, Kisa has come out to give details of her son, and shared baby bump photos as evidence.

Following the interview with Delay where the truth of her motherhood first popped up, Kisa said she has been under severe criticism, and others have accused her of being an unloving mother.

But, in a latest video, she has bared it all, detailing her journey from pregnancy to the very moment she put to bed.

Kisa revealed she carried her pregnancy for 10 months, and opted for caesarian section.

She recounted how her birth wasn’t easy and it took the help of some well-known pastors for her delivery to be successful.

She has been left with scars and aches in her knee and other parts of her body due to constantly collapsing before and after birth.

Kisa further stated that she suffered post partum depression, which also made her hate her body; the reason for her tummy tuck procedure and liposuction.

She revealed she had to wean her son off breastmilk at just nine months, as preparations ahead of her GHS 60,000 surgery.

She is by the revelation silencing critics who have labeled her a bad mother, a tag she fears her son would grow up to know.

On why she kept her pregnancy and childbirth a secret, the actress said she wanted to release a documentary on the journey on her son’s first birthday.

Kisa plans to post her son, she said has feminine features, which also includes a show on their family time.