Ningo Prampram MP

Member of Parliament Ningo Prampram, Sam Nartey George, has broken his silence after some NDC MPs voted for President Akufo-Addo’s six new ministerial nominees despite a contrary directive by the party.

The legislator in a Facebook post expressed how utterly betrayed he feels by the actions of his colleagues.

“I have been silent. It is a difficult place to be. I am not one to be silent, it is not in my nature. My silence has been borne out of pain; a type that cuts so deep it leaves you speechless. My pain is twofold – a sense of being let down and a sense of letting down.

“I feel let down by the fact that in those hallowed Chambers of Parliament, I hold the unfortunate singular record of being the only victim of Bryan Acheampong’s brutality and machinations at the National Security Ministry. The scars of Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election are still very fresh on my mind and even though as a Christian I have told myself to forgive, it is hard to forget. How could my colleagues, some of whom marched with me to the Police HQ to demand justice, vote for the man who caused me such pain? Where is the sense of camaraderie? Are we not comrades in the struggle again? Would I feel safe to leave my drink or food with any of them again? These thoughts have haunted me since Friday. Is this the caucus I have rushed to defend always in the past? Is it really worth that hustle? See why I have kept quiet?”

He however admits that he cannot totally absolve himself of blame because he is a part of the caucus that “betrayed the party and Ghanaians at large.”

“How do I explain to my constituents? How do I respond to the several calls from the Constituency asking me why? What explanation can I give? What excuse could ever be fitting? A majority of the Caucus may have voted against the nominees but the dent of the few who for whatever considerations voted otherwise is collective. We are all an endangered species now.

“It is not a thing of pride nor prestige at this time to call yourself an NDC MP. How did we sink so low from the heroes and heroines of January 6th 2021? How do we fix this conundrum we find ourselves in? How do we rise together again as one unit as we did the night we elected the Speaker? I am struggling to find answers, so you see why I have been quiet?”

Sam George further called on members of the Minority group to take steps to “win back the love of the base and trust of leadership.”

Below is his post on Facebook: