The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has dismissed claims of attacking the judiciary following the judgment on the Labianca case.

Mr Agyebeng has said he was only sending a message about a phenomenon which he believes will not augur well for the nation in the fight against corruption.

“Maybe my demeanour suggested some frustration, but you don’t deliver sombre news with a smiling face. I was sounding an alarm that we ought to rework the way we were doing things otherwise there was this sector that if we continued on the path that we were, from my evaluation, we were going to lose the fight against corruption. I was like a gong-gong beater sounding an alarm,” he said in an interview on Accra-based Citi TV.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, November 29, Mr Agyebeng raised concerns over what he described as setbacks in the discharge of his mandate.

He bemoaned that, the ruling only opens the floodgates for suspects to demand the halting of investigations against them.

The Special Prosecutor now in a dilemma questioned if he should throw in the towel in fighting corruption and corruption-related offences.

His press briefing attracted massive backlash amidst assertions that he was seeking public sympathy.

But Mr Agyebeng disagreed.

“I wasn’t looking for sympathy. Those who were responding to me negatively thought I was attacking the judiciary. I wasn’t attacking the judiciary. What I was doing was pointing out things that, in our evaluation, we thought were not right,” he stated.

He maintained that, it is within his mandate to let Ghanaians know the state of the fight against corruption.

“That is my mandate as the Special Prosecutor of the republic to draw our minds to where we are in the fight against corruption, what we are doing, and we are getting it right and what we are doing that we are not getting it right, and how we ought to restructure things and reverse the negatives and highlight the positives to set us on a proper footing for the fight against corruption,” he insisted.