Songwriter and highlife singer, Kuami Eugene has opened up about his differences with music duo, Keche.

Kuami Eugene said he was hurt when the group refused to acknowledge for their hit song ‘No Dulling’, a song release in 2020.

“I wrote the hook and the chorus but they said a lot, especially the tall one, he was making it look like I did not help with the song. It hurts when you openly received someone and they turn against you making it look like they did everything all by themselves.” he said in an interview on TV.

Also known as Rockstar, the singer also revealed that, he is yet to receive any royalties from the song.

“They are aware they are making money from the song but I’m yet to receive any royalties from them. They are my elders in the game, the song have made wave” he said.

Kuami Eugene cited how he had to involve a lawyer just to get his percentage of the song ‘he ‘Case’ wrote for colleague Mr Drew as an example.

“A similar thing happened with Mr Drew and I had to confront them. For Mr Drew’s case, I had to involve a lawyer because the normal mutual friendship thing did not work, I tried to message him but he blueticked me so a lawyer would trigger him.” he stated.