Nana Kwame Bediako has unveiled himself as the elusive ‘Man in the Mask,’ who for many months stirred controversy in political space with his vibrant ‘The New Force’ campaign.

On Sunday, December 7, he disclosed at a press conference after the cancelled Convention of the New African Foundation that “I am nothing to be scared of. I came to you as your salvation. I don’t invest in myself alone. I am investing in you.”

The businessman popularly known as Freedom Jacob Ceasar, said he is the new messiah to rebuild Ghana and the African continent.

“We need to educate. We need to uplift our children. We need to voice out to them. You are about to find out about this man in the mask because I never spoke a word, you were looking for me.

“I didn’t tell you whether I am into politics, whether I am an evangelist, whether I am a conventionist or a revolutionist. After this day, you will have to wait for me to share my policies and my visions with you.

“And if I’m the reason why the country or the government is not happy about these great voices coming to educate not only Ghana but also Africa, then I take this moment to sacrifice myself, to unveil myself, because I have much respect for these great leaders beside me.

“I would have taken my own time to tell you that I am. But for this very moment, I am sacrificing myself to let you know that I’m that man.

“But I’m that man with a good purpose, with a great vision. I have a plan, and I have a vision for this nation. And not only for this nation, I have it for Africa too.

“But I know Africa is the next biggest thing because out of all the continents that have been developed in this world, there is only one continent that is not developed and I am sent to do that,” he said.

Cancelled Convention

Earlier in the day, plans were in place for a Convention titled “Igniting the Voices of Africa” to take place at the Black Stars Square in Accra.

Among the distinguished speakers were Dr. Arikana from Zimbabwe, P.L.O Lumumba from Kenya, Julius Malema from South Africa, and Peter Obi from Nigeria.

However, reports indicate that the event faced an unexpected disruption, with special security forces and the military intervening, ultimately leading to its cancellation.

Organisers shared that National Security informed them that the allocated date of Sunday, January 7th, 2024, had been designated for “security drills” at the Black Star Square