Kissi Agyebeng - Special Prosecutor

Special Prosecutor nominee, Kissi Agyebeng, says he will make corruption a costly activity for public officials if he is given the nod.

He says he will roll out a ‘Pressure for Progress’ policy that will review public sector agencies and publish corruption perception index ranking them.

This policy, he believes, will reduce to the barest minimum, acts of corruption among public office holders and make the menace very costly.

He says he will create two more divisions at the office.

“Honourable Chair, there was a reference made to heavy shoes of a known individual. Honourable Chair, I’d like to state that I’d prefer to wear my own shoes in the sense that I am my own man and I’m coming with my own experiences and professional training

“In this quest, my conscience and my learning of the law are going to be my guide,” he explained.

“My strategy is that, Honourable Chair, I’m not naive to assume that I’m coming to stop corruption. There is no way I can stop corruption. God, Himself, will not even acclaim to that but I’m going to make corruption very costly – very very costly to engage in,” he declared.


Appearing before Parliament’s Appointments Committee during his vetting, Mr Agyebeng said he will assess institutions and government agencies yearly under a corruption perception index to help the country recover the millions in revenue it loses to corruption.

He also explained how he intends to criminalise unexplained wealth when given the nod.

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