Baffour Kojo Ahenkorah, a long-time kidney patient, has shared his distressing story about the recent increase in dialysis costs, which has left him unable to afford his life-sustaining treatments.

Mr. Ahenkorah has battled kidney disease for nine years, unknowingly living with hypertension during his school days.

He often felt fatigued and sleepy, assuming it was normal, until a severe illness in 2015 led to a life-changing diagnosis: his kidneys had failed.

Since then, he has relied on regular dialysis to survive.

“I skipped my session due to the price increase. I can’t eat although I am hungry, and it is affecting me a lot because I don’t want to be too heavy. I’ve used all my cash for dialysis, and it is really affecting me. I am nearing my grave and my death,” he cried.

He shared his story on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem, Wednesday.

Following his diagnosis, Mr. Ahenkorah was placed on dialysis, a costly treatment he must undergo three times a week.

Over the years, the financial burden has drained his resources and those of his family, leaving him bankrupt.

“I’ve become a nuisance, and my friends have rejected me,” he said, describing the emotional and financial toll of his condition.

Recently, the government increased the cost of dialysis from GH¢380 to GH¢491, a hike that has been devastating for patients like Mr. Ahenekorah.

“The increment has really affected me. I urge the government to do something about it,” he pleaded.

Mr. Ahenkorah disclosing the desperate situation of kidney patients who now face an even greater financial strain.

The Renal Patients Association of Ghana has echoed these concerns, warning that the increased fees will exacerbate the financial difficulties already faced by many patients.


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