Keta Senior High School NSMQ contestant, Bright Senyo Gadzo has revealed he lost hope after he was rejected by three out of the four universities he applied to.

Following his sterling performance during the 2021 NSMQ, he was confident of a bright future which he thought would take effect sooner than later.

However, two years after the contest and an impressive WASSCE grades, Senyo had still not gained admission to any of the international universities he had applied to during the 2021/2022 academic year.

This, he said made him completely devastated and he would wake up at dawn and reflect on his life which seemed like a failure.

“When the time is right, I, the oLrd will make it happen” was the scripture Senyo said kept him together at that point.

Eventually, he said Williams College put him on waiting list and received an invitation from New York University Abu Dhabi for their candidates’ weekend sessions. The session was for students who stood higher chances of getting admitted.

In the long run, he got rejected by all these schools.

According to him, the loss made him feel “he wasn’t there yet”, but Francisca Lamini’s admission into the famous Harvard University served as an eye opener.

In his view, if he and Francisca both left Keta SHS with the same final grade and she gained admission to Harvard, it means he has potentials of getting into an equally elite US college if he tried again.

True to his guts, he gave the college application process another shot through the Ckodon Foundation early this year.

He recounted how he was in utter disbelief upon receiving a congratulatory letter which saw him burst into tears of joy.

Senyo will start school at the California Institute of Technology, USA, next year to read a four-year Bachelor of Arts course in Electrical Engineering.

Upon completion, he will return to Ghana to contribute to the energy sector.