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Here are simple ways to impress your woman with very little effort.

Majority of people are attracted or crazy about things they cannot have. It is human to yearn for what you simply cannot possess.

The Ghanaian woman has been socialised to accept less from a man with anything related to love, service and ‘soft’ personality.

It is funny how he prefers a woman in touch with her emotions and cannot comprehend the vice versa.

To wow a Ghanaian woman, there is the need to break the stereotypical wall built by society.

Let the cuddles rain

Ghanaian men do not express love to their partners unless sexual intercourse.

The human body can receive acts of love anytime and every time.

Wake up in a cuddling position with your partner.

Cuddling informs your partner ‘I want you. You are secured with me. I don’t want you to go. I can’t live without you.’

These are unspoken words women want and need to feel in a relationship.

Be the apprentice

Once in a while, everyone wants to feel important. Who is more important than a boss?

Be an apprentice to your woman in domestic activities at home.

Ghanaian women adore men who can cook since such activity has been segregated to women for a long time.

Take your time to learn the skill of cooking.It is appropriate not to appear like a good student on the first three days.

You will make your woman feel insecure if you show her you are a fast learner.

The student becomes the master

To show your growth, you need to graduate.

Most people if not everyone, loves to be surprised. After your degree in cooking, lavish her with great meals.

Cooking every day can be frustrating most times for women.

You need to show your woman that ‘I am ready to put you before any other thing’

Everyone likes to be lavished with love, care and attention.