MOG Music

Award-winning gospel artiste, Nana Yaw Boakye, popularly known as MOG Music, has explained how he pushes and sustains his brand through fashion.

According to him, what individuals wear influences the brand, hence interested in outstanding stuff.

“People look at the outside and have interest in how you dress, so if you’re a gospel musician and you don’t pay attention to what you wear, it affects the brand,” he said.

Speaking on Ahosepe Xtra on Adom TV, MOG disclosed his interest in things that are outstanding.

“I like classic stuff, something with royalty, classic and antique stuff interest me, so I am for the classic stuff,” he indicated.

He further noted that how musicians present themselves affects their brand positively or negatively.

“As a gospel musician, your works, attitude, and how you present yourself match hand in hand so once you don’t go over the limit, you’re good to go,” he said.

“But wearing dresses that expose the body as a gospel musician, morally and ethically, its not right for me,” he added.

However, he stated, “when you dress decently, people respect you.”