In the bustling city of Tamale, amidst serious internal military patrol, Chef Faila found not only protection but also the love of her life.

In an interview on TV3 monitored by, the Executive Chef revealed she met her husband by the roadside during one of their military engagements.

Initially, their meeting was brief and it seemed as though a reunion was impossible, until her uncle informed Captain Reginald Agyei of his daughter who owned an eatery vulnerable to armed robbery.

The young Captain Agyei decided to investigate and that led him to Chef Faila restaurant.

Chef Faila opened up on how she disguised as a waitress during the early stage of their relationship in a bid to uncover his true intentions.

She said her ‘Mr Right’ must love her for who she is, not what she has achieved for herself.

According to her, they developed deep affection for each other and were open to taking their relationship further.

Faila also recounted how her now husband invited her over to the barracks multiple times, which she rejected, citing a strict boss as her excuse.

As fate will have it, her workers eventually exposed her true identity and she became more open to her husband.

Asked how she knew he was the right man for her, Chef Faila said she was moved by his tears.

“I realized he was the one when one time he cried over somebody else trying so hard to take me away from me. Having to se a military man cry for a woman was emotional. My friends kept telling me ‘Faila, you see this particular guy, if you lose him, you won’t get a man like him again'” she narrated.

Convinced with their endorsement, Chef Faila said she took the bold step to marry outside her tribe and settle for an Akan man from the Eastern Region.

Their union has been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Abrefi, named after her husband’s grand mother.