A man who described himself as a Bible scholar angrily stormed out of live TV when he was challenged to back his blasphemous comments with evidence.

Abram Bin Moshe of the Common Sense Family has said Jesus Christ is not the true Messiah which has angered a lot of Christians across the world.

Born Ibrahim Ali, the Bible scholar said he left Islam to Christianity because he taught that was the true religion but after 16 years of research in to both the Old and New Testament, he realized it was full of deceit.

Abram Bin Moshe believes any thing in life is common sense believes Christians are worshipping an idol called Jesus Christ.

But in a rebuttal, a prophet subjected the assertions of Abram Bin Moshe to scrutiny and exposed the inaccuracies in his comments.

Prophet Obadiah Amankwah of the Messianic Faith Salvation Assembly at Taifo Burkina in Accra backed his argument with Bible quotations to prove Jesus is indeed the true Messiah.

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Flawed and nearly disgraced live on TV Abram Bin Moshe who nearly started a fight walked out of set when the heat was becoming too much.

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  1. Kumchacha and Virgin pastor disgraced themselves but that Pastor Obedeah made all christians proud!!.Kumchacha and Virgin pastor were only inetersted in giving out the telephone numbers so that they could dupe people

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