A former deputy minister of communications, Victoria Hammah has accused one Faith Mensah Tekpor of drugging her in his quest to rape her, film the act and blackmail her.

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Recounting how the incident happened, Ms. Hammah who is now the Executive Director of Progressive Organisation for Women’s Advancement (POWA) said she met Mr. Tekpor some time ago and after an interaction decided to get to know him more for business purposes.

“I saw an opportunity of business because when we met, he mentioned that he was FiiFi Twum and that he is a farmer and a real estate owner. He added that he had equity shares in some properties. These things excited my interest because farming has been part of our family,” she said.

After having a chat, “he said we could have lunch but I told him I’m a vegetarian. We went to A&C Mall, ate and spoke for about two hours about business. We departed afterwards. In the evening, this gentleman called me that we could meet for me to look at his apartment. I told him it’s late; I have a meeting tomorrow…”

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According to Hammah, Tekpor called her early morning the next day, asking if she would go for the meeting and suggested she passed by after that engagement.

“When I got there, there were about four people. He asked a gentleman to escort me to his place. He showed me around… I started asking questions about real estate and all. He offered me a drink; I took it. He asked if I wanted to eat something and I answered ‘no’. Suddenly, I started feeling hungry. It was quite unusual because I had had light breakfast so I said ‘yes’. He told me he’s cooking beans.

“When it was ready, I scooped mine; he told me he wasn’t hungry. I ate the beans. After eating, I felt tired so I told him I had to go home. He said I could sleep there but I refused. Then I felt I was becoming weak. It became more severe and I asked if I were dying.

“I saw there was a grin. The person was unperturbed. I had an intuition that I had been drugged. The building was swinging left and right. I asked him what he put in the drink. I tried holding him but because I was weak, I couldn’t,” she recounted.

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Hammah, a Hindu, who bears the initiation name Lakshmi mentioned that she was able to escape after chanting the name of her spiritual father.

“At that point, the only thing that came to my thought was my spiritual master. I focused my mind on him. I invoked his image in me in concentration. I had to submit to a higher being to save me. The first words that came from my mouth was ‘save me, my guru’. The fourth time, I started chanting his name with faith and absolute concentration, devotion. Each time I chanted the name, I was able to have control over my body. That is how I escaped.” she said.

Hammah asserted that her organization is taking the matter up because many ladies have fallen victims to Tekpor’s actions but are scared to report to the police for fear of their lives.

She further indicated that Tekpor, because of his dubious activities goes about with different names just to hide his real identity.

In August last year, the Police arrested one Faith Mensah Tekpor said to be a serial confident trickster.

A statement from the Public Affairs Department of the Police indicated that the suspect operated within the vicinity of Accra, Sakumono and Tema and poses as a Medical Doctor with several names such as Dr. Jeff Alvin Addow, Dr. Alvin Ownsa, Dr. Alvin Annan, Dr. Rill Owns, Dr. Collins Amoah and Dr. Alvin Mensah to defraud people.

Hammah noted that the said suspect is the same man who drugged her.

But responding to the claims, Faith Mensah Tekpor who knew his identity is Fiifi Oware said he never drugged Victoria Hammah adding that, if he wanted to have sex with her, it would have been a “cool chop” because she showed signs of readiness to warm his bed.

“You’ve reported the matter to the police, investigations are going on and then you take to social media. Any time you find a human being who wants to jump ahead, you know that the person has a serious problem. Why won’t she allow the police to put out this statement? If she knows she has a case against me, why wouldn’t she? You put out my picture… that is what moved me; not the name because that is not my name. She will meet me in court. She will tell the court when I drugged her, when I raped her.” He said. “A woman you meet on 18th [referring to Ms. Hammah], comes to your house the following day, takes off her jacket and heels, that one too, do you need to drug her? Is it not a cool chop?” he asked the host while stating that Hammah should not be taken serious.

“We need to get serious in this country. Either Vic wants to blackmail me or she has a psychiatric problem. The drink we all took, when samples were taken, nothing was found in the drink. Victoria Hammah is not a credible person, she has no integrity so there is nothing that will come out from her that I would ever believe. Those who are close to her know” Mr. Oware stated.

He further said that legal actions have been taken against Hammah as a result of her actions but they are unable to locate her office.

“We’ve been trying to serve her; she’s being running away. I have never scammed any woman’ defrauded any woman, raped any woman or drugged any woman. Any woman who says I have raped her, drugged her or scammed her should bring the evidence,” he dared.