The Member of Parliament for Akwatia in the Eastern region, Mercy Ama Sey is disappointed after she was subjected to public ridicule over her rendition of the English language

According to her, speaking good English cannot equate performance thus should not be the yardstick for people to judge her.

The first time MP who beat National Democratic Congress (NDC) Baba Jamal in the December 2016 parliamentary election was ridiculed in the media following her address to mark Ghana’s 60th anniversary celebration in her constituency.

It is believed that Mr Jamal who was also the Deputy Minister for Employment & Labour Relations is the one fueling such ridicule considering how the two slugged it out during the campaign.

Mr. Jamal polled 15,905 votes while Ama Sey whom he described as a hairdresser garnered 21,433 of the total valid votes cast.

This generated controversy with Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba condemning the act in no uncertain terms.

She has launched a new gender campaign dubbed: ‘He For She’ and has made Baba Jamal the lead campaigner.

Madam Djaba is convinced once he bears the title of “an Honourable” for being a former MP; he would make a good ambassador to push the campaign.

In an interview on Adom News, Madam Ama Sey said she is not bothered about the public ridicule since English is not her mother tongue.

She noted that being a form 4 leaver and a hairdresser is not be an excuse not to improve on herself especially being in Parliament but it should not be the yardstick for her performance.

“I wonder why people are ridiculing me on social media. If you are fluent in the queens language correct me don’t laugh at me” she bemoaned.

However, Ama Sey promised the next time she mounts the podium to address students and people in her constituency, “I will speak fluent English to shame m critics.

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