A sales girl is being applauded for her bravery after defending herself from a suspected thief who attempted to inject her with poison.

The suspect entered into the phone shop under the pretext of buying a laptop.

As the sales girl was focused on retrieving the item, the thief attacked her from behind and began choking her.

He attempted to inject her with a substance which was later identified as liquid pesticide.

He managed to pin her on the floor, but the strong and brave young lady weaned herself from his grip and reportedly called for help.

CCTV videos within and outside the shop captured the moment the girl sprang out, while being followed by the thief. She, notwithstanding, revealed the ordeal to some fuel attendants located near her shop.

A group of persons confronted the suspected thief, after which they descended heavily on him.

He was later handcuffed and marched to the station.