Social media is buzzing as never-seen photos of Samini’s biological mother pops up.

The photos were posted by the Raggae/Dancehall act to reintroduce his Highgrade mother to the world.

In the photos, Samini could be seen beside his mother, Theresa Nusala, who was heartily having a conversation with him, not bothered about the cameras flicking in her face.

Samini hinted he left his mother’s abode with his head full of wisdom due to the wise sayings and advice he inherited in the short encounter.


When asked by a fan if his mother owns the gym they were spotted at, Samini disclosed that the 70-year-old has always been an energetic woman and the gym harbors a lot of unmentioned history.

This is one of the few times the My Own hitmaker has publicly eulogised his mother, aside when he celebrated her on her birthday.

Photos below:

Samini and mother
Samini and mother