Socks can drastically improve your sex life [Dailymail]
Socks can drastically improve your sex life [Dailymail]

Renowned fitness coach, Josh Ansah, recently shared insights on how men can enhance women’s satisfaction during intercourse to foster healthier relationships and marriages.

Ansah emphasized the importance of paying attention to women’s body language rather than being misled by vocal cues, as noises may not necessarily indicate orgasm.

According to Ansah, men should invest sufficient time in thoroughly stimulating women’s sexual glands until signs of physical tremors become apparent, signaling the achievement of orgasm.

He stressed that understanding that orgasm is a muscular reaction is crucial, given that sexual glands are essentially muscles.

“In essence, when you work diligently to the point where muscles start shaking, that is an orgasm. So, when you stimulate the sexual gland to the extent that it autonomously contracts, that is an orgasm,” Ansah said on GHOne TV.

Furthermore, Ansah advised men to be attuned to a woman’s body language, allowing her to relax post-orgasm before resuming intercourse at a similar pace.

He cautioned against any form of aggression or haste during this process, emphasizing the need to let the woman shake for about five seconds or more.