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A Ghanaian man in his late 50s, pleading anonymity, is in a dilemma as to how to receive forgiveness from his late father over an act he committed against him years ago.

In an interview on Happy FM, he stated that “before my father’s passing, I committed a grave act against him which I cannot erase from memory. It is constantly plaguing me and I fear that is causing me harm.”

Narrating his story, he stated that, “a few years before my father’s demise, he asked me to discipline my younger brother for misbehaving. However, while beating my brother, my dad said the punishment was too severe so he decided to intervene to stop me from hurting my brother further. I had been too harsh on my brother. He raised his walking stick to hit me but I snatched the stick from him so forcefully he fell on the floor.”


According to him, though he was his father’s favourite child there is a feeling that singular act is responsible for all his woes.

“I was my father’s favourite son and I nursed him when he was bedridden until his death. My inability to ask for his forgiveness haunts me constantly. He is dead what do I do?” he quizzed.