Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Pragya gets furious when she learns of a girl whom Abhi had befriended earlier. She threatens to tell Tannu about this girl and Abhi pretends to be afraid of her.

Meanwhile, Raj introduces Tannu to Vijay and claims that he will complete their plan by murdering Pragya. But when Tannu expresses her doubts regarding Vijay being capable to commit a murder, Vijay shows her his wild side.

Later, Pragya forces Abhi to host the entire Ram Leela function and when he tries to refuse her, she threatens to reveal about his previous girlfriend to Tannu.

Later, Tannu goes to Abhi to ask him for a sum of five lakh rupees that she needs to pay Vijay for the murder that he will be committing. Will Abhi manage to pay her the amount?

Keep watching to know more.Pragya does not wish to sign on the documents and tries to hide them but just then, Abhi enters the room.

Meanwhile, Vijay discusses his plan regarding Pragya’s murder in detail with Raj, and Raj is impressed by Vijay’s plan. By now, Pragya hides the original documents but gets upset when she sees Abhi with the duplicate documents.

Pragya tries her best to avoid signing the documents and finally the two of them start fighting, which once again showcases the feelings they actually have for each other.

Later, Tannu gets shocked when she finds Nikhil in the house. Why exactly is Nikhil in the house? Keep watching to know more.

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