It’s easy to fall in love but staying in love takes a lot of real courage, strength and determination. It entails going through ups and downs, the good times and the bad, both happiness and pain. Not all men are equipped to display all these qualities even if they have fallen in love with you.

Your partner might have promised you the world and more, he might have told you he will be yours forever and even after all that, he still ends up leaving you. If you have been left confused and shocked by a man like this, read ahead to understand reasons why a man might leave the woman he loves;

1. He keeps feeling like she is trying to fix him

When a woman makes a man feel like he is just not enough, like his flaws and imperfections are something you can never embrace and like he can never be himself without any judgement or complaints, he will surely look for the exit door. Most women emasculate their man by turning him into their personal projects and hoping to change them into the kind of man they require and not the kind of man he actually wants to be.

2. He feels threatened by the woman’s success

Men experience a blow to their self-esteem and confidence when their female partner experience success more than them. If a man is unable to achieve the kind of success he thinks he deserves, it can be a cardinal reason for him to break up with his partner because he will keep comparing his own failures with his partner’s success.

3. She keeps nagging him all the time

Constant belittling and nagging can get to your partner and take a toll on your relationship. Men do not tolerate constant complaining and grumbling, they might agree temporarily to what you ask but after a while they might start to ignore it and they would generalise your complaints as the sole cause of every problems you two have. Women should always remember that the worst creature on this planet for men is a woman who nags.

4. Absence of intimacy

Men craves intimacy just as woman does. If you keep making a man beg for it, if you keep holding it hostage just to get him to do other things you want, he might start to lose interest and seek the intimacy with somebody else.

5. She keeps comparing him to other women

The most annoying thing you can do to a man is comparing him with other men especially your ex. No one wants to picture their partner’s ex or know in detail the time they once shared and if that happens, then that is just the beginning of the end. You need to make your man believe that he is the only one that matters to you and he shouldn’t have interest in your previous love.

6. She is too emotionally co-dependent

No man wants to be treated like he is somebody possession and more so everyone needs some space. If you try to curb a guys freedom and make him stay with you every second of the day, making him feel like he has been permanently disconnected from hanging out with friends or anything else that he enjoys then he will consider leaving.