Hammer and his 20-year-old daughter, Nana

Celebrated music producer, Da Hammer, took to social media to commemorate a significant milestone in his life, the 20th birthday of his daughter, Nana.

In a touching post, Hammer shared a nostalgic journey back to 2004 when the recording of the iconic “Sounds of our time” album became intertwined with the joyous arrival of his beloved daughter.

“2004 during the recording of the ‘Sounds of our time’ album, me and about 15 artistes stormed the Tema women’s hospital when your mother went into labour. So much excitement resulted in an entire iconic album being dedicated to you,” Hammer fondly recalled, highlighting the unique and heartfelt origin of the album.

Reflecting on Nana’s growth over the past two decades, Hammer expressed immense pride in the intelligent woman she has become.

“20 years and many straight A’s later, I can’t emphasize enough how proud I am of the intelligent woman you have become,” he shared, illustrating the academic achievements that have marked Nana’s journey.

Hammer extended warm wishes and blessings for Nana’s ongoing academic pursuits, stating, “God continue to bless u and guide you through your life in university.”

The proud father concluded his heartfelt message with a wish for good health and happiness in all of Nana’s future endeavours, showing the depth of his love and admiration for his daughter.

“Happy happy birthday, my beautiful,” Hammer expressed, signifying the joy and love that accompanies this momentous occasion.

Meanwhile, fans and well-wishers flooded the comments section, joining in the celebration of Nana’s milestone birthday and commending Hammer for his touching tribute to his daughter.

Check out the post below: