The International Facility Management Association(IFMA) has urged the government to ensure the Borteyman Sports Complex is always in good shape.

The Association has appealed to government to ensure it does not suffer the same fate as Essipong and Tamale Sports Stadia.

IFMA contends the once thriving hubs of activity, now languish in disrepair due to neglect in maintenance and management.

Speaking to Adom News, a Property and Facility Manager, Linda Lanquaye-Mills underscored the critical need for proactive maintenance practices.

Property and Facility Manager, Linda Lanquaye-Mills

With the Borteyman Sports Complex set to host the All-African Games, ensuring its upkeep is paramount for the success of future events.

Facilities management plays a vital role in ensuring that buildings serve their intended purpose while providing occupants with a conducive environment.

Despite its importance, many are still unaware of its significance.

IFMA is at the forefront of educating the public about the value of proper facility management.

The commissioning of the Borteyman Sports Complex by President Akufo-Addo highlights the need for a dedicated facility manager.

Recent events at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale, where issues arose during a football match, serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of neglecting maintenance.

To prevent the Borteyman Sports Complex from suffering a similar fate, continuous monitoring and upkeep are essential.

Regular checks on the grass quality and ensuring the cleanliness of the pool are just some of the responsibilities that a facility manager would oversee, even after the All-African Games.

The Area Facility Manager for FIDES Group, Hayford Anoba, emphasizes the importance of a team approach in prolonging the lifespan of facilities.

Area Facility Manager for FIDES Group, Hayford Anoba

He advises Ghanaians to take ownership of their surroundings and educate themselves about facility management to ensure that public amenities are well-maintained.

In our increasingly digitized society, education is key. While the government plays a role in providing and maintaining facilities, it is ultimately the responsibility of citizens and those in charge to ensure that these resources are preserved for the benefit of all.”