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Govt sends fresh message to bondholders over coupon arrears


Government, through the Ministry of Finance, has promised to settle coupons arrears of the Individual Bondholders Forum (IBF) and Individual Bondholders Association of Ghana (IBHAG) by Friday, June 30.

The promise was borne out of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), between the Ministry of Finance jointedly signed on May 16, 2023, by the two groups.

This is due to the government’s new promise of completing the payment of coupons which have been in arrears for some time now.

The MoU among other things noted that government and the CIBG will work together in the spirit of mutual understanding to resolve all outstanding issues to meet the immediate cash needs of individuals who did not partake in the DDE programme; give certainty of payments, and efforts toward the restoration of macroeconomic stability and economic recovery.

It assured the Ministry of Finance will issue an offer memorandum with these terms to all individual bondholders who opted out of the DDEP.


Read the full details of the MoU below:

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