Empress Gifty

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel artiste, Gifty Osei, popularly known as Empress Gifty, has said money is a key factor in promoting a song, not the statement “God bless you”.

According to her, people should support gospel musicians financially whenever they are launching their songs for this will go a long way in making the songs trend.

“If we want this whole song to go far, it’s all about money, not God bless you, it is cash,” she said.

Speaking on Joy Entertainment, Empress Gifty urged all and sundry to support gospel musicians more as exhibited by the secular musicians whenever a colleague is launching a song.

“Let’s put in so much because when you go to the secular events when they are doing their EP launch, you will see one person will just get up and promise to support with maybe 3,000 or 5,000 dollars,” she stressed.


“But when it comes to gospel, everybody wants to sit down, fold his or her arms, and be watching you,” she added.

She also mentioned that the resources employed in producing the songs attract a huge amount of money, hence the need for support to enable them to go the extra mile in the music industry.

“Everything that we are doing, the craft, the creativity is all about money. So, if we want this song to go far, I beg everybody, after you posting, liking, and sharing, streaming, watching the video, please send her momo, let her send you the bank account so that you can put something into it so that she can do more,” she noted.