The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Kwame Nkrumah Circle Division, on Friday, November 19 held an educational programme for drivers at the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) Welfare Committee Office.

Divisional Police Officer (DPO1) Pat Osei, giving a speech on the topic ‘Preventive Measures Against Fire Outbreak’, said the forum has become necessary due to incessant fire outbreaks in the country.

DPO1 Osei’s address tackled various areas including offices, homes and even cars, as she advises all to have extinguishers at all times.

For the driver, DPO1 Osei advised that aside having extinguishers, extra maintenance should be held inside the engine to avoid friction which can spark fire.

“Drivers should make sure they have fire extinguishers in their car while they drive. Always service your extinguishers. Always make sure your car is clean as well as your car engine. Always take your car engine for maintenance when you see any fault with it. This will help prevent smoke from coming out of the car which will help prevent the generation of fire,’’ she stressed.

The officer also educated hawkers and traders on how to prevent fire outbreak in their homes.

She educated them on the proper positioning of gas cylinders and burners and how to detect a faulty gadget.

“We should make sure that our gas cylinder is well positioned and well serviced in order to prevent fire outbreak. People should make sure that whenever there is leakage around the gas cylinder, they must send it for proper servicing. One must always clean gas burners after cooking, and there should be frequent change of cylinder rope in order to prevent gas leakages,” she said.

In a period where there is unstable power connection, DPO1 Osei advised that all electronic appliances should be disconnected when electricity goes off.

“People always leave electronic gadgets on when there is light out, overload gadget as well. Careless use of candles and coil during light out also can cause fire outbreak. Leaving of left over cigarette and weed on the floor after use can cause fire outbreak,” she added.

The GNFS, after the address,, held a brief demonstration on how to quench fire. They educated that the main measure to quench fire is to identify it’s source and act fast.

On the perception that the GNFS deliberately delays in attending to situations, DPO1 Osei clarified that delays are only based on lack of equipment and called on the government and philanthropists to come to their aid.

DOP1 Osei urged the public to educate others on the existence and the good works of Fire Service in the country.

‘’As you have been educated on what Fire Service does, help publicise us so that people can have faith in us and call us when they need us,” she appealed.

The official toll-free number of the GNFS remains 192.