The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) has joined the global community in celebrating the 2024 International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to recognise the achievements and contributions of women worldwide.

In a statemtent, GNECC SAID his year’s theme, “Breaking Barriers, Building a Better Future,” resonates strongly with its mission to promote gender equality and empower women through education.

“Education is a powerful tool for empowering women and girls, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. GNECC is committed to advocating for inclusive and quality education for all, with a particular focus on ensuring equal access and opportunities for women and girls in Ghana. Gender equality in education is essential for achieving sustainable development and breaking the cycle of poverty.,” parts of the statement read.

GNECC has pledged to work tirelessly to address gender disparities in education, advocating for policies and programs that promote equal opportunities for both genders.

By promoting gender-sensitive teaching practices and curriculum development, GNECC aims to create an inclusive educational environment where women and girls can thrive.

“Women’s rights are human rights, and education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all. GNECC advocates for the protection of women’s rights in education, including the right to a safe and supportive learning environment free from discrimination and violence.

“By raising awareness about the importance of gender equality in education, GNECC seeks to create a more equitable society where women can fully participate and lead,” it added.

On International Women’s Day, GNECC celebrates the achievements of women in Ghana and around the world.

From grassroots activists to political leaders, women have made significant contributions to society in various fields.

By highlighting these achievements, GNECC aims to inspire future generations of women to pursue their dreams and break barriers that stand in their way.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, GNECC calls on all stakeholders to join us in celebrating the achievements of women and advocating for gender equality in education. Together, we can break barriers and build a better future for all.