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The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has warned of increased winds, thunderstorms, and lightning leading up to the onset of the main rainy season.

A senior meteorologist at GMet, Joshua Asamoah indicated that there will be occasional light rains even when clouds form, advising the public to seek shelter in safe places during this period.

“As we are gearing towards the main rainy season, there will be light rains even when the clouds form to pour, however, there will be more winds, thunders and lightnings preceding the rains.

“So, we urge members of the public to find a safe shelter to stay whenever it begins to rain this time, to protect themselves from the winds, thunders and lightning,” he said.

Mr Asamoah made these remarks during an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the sidelines of a stakeholder and media training workshop centered on the VOLTALARM Early Warning System.

The VOLTALARM Early Warning System, developed by GMet and its partners, is designed to provide timely warnings about floods and droughts to residents within the Volta basins.

This system is an integral part of the Volta Flood and Drought Management (VFDM) project, a collaborative effort among Ghana and its neighbouring countries bordering the Volta River, aimed at mitigating flood and drought risks along the lake.

Mr Asamoah emphasised that the VOLTALARM system would enable communities within the Volta basins to better prepare for potential floods and droughts, particularly during the discharge of water from the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso.

He outlined plans to enhance capacity-building and collaboration among stakeholders and the media to raise awareness among communities within the basins.

This effort includes establishing a platform for stakeholders, including the media and local community members, to receive regular updates on flood and drought situations.

Additionally, Mr Asamoah revealed ongoing efforts to develop a Multi-Hazard Warning System for areas beyond the Volta basin, ensuring broader access to critical updates on environmental hazards.