The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has served notice to its members to pay their membership dues for 2022 by January 15, 2023.

Payment of dues may be lodged into the GJA bank account with the National Investment Bank, Osu branch with the account name, Ghana Journalists Association and account number; 1112037799401.

Members may also pay dues directly at the Accounts Office at the Ghana International Press Centre.

In a statement to notify members, signed by its General Secretary, Kofi Yeboah, the GJA said its constitution mandates it to publish names of members who fail to pay their dues by the first quarter of each year after they have been given a thirty-day notice.

The statement added that “Article 12(b) also provides: Any member who does not pay membership dues by the end of the financial year, and fails to pay after 30 days notice by the General Secretary shall lose his/her membership, subject to re-application”.

The Association has also granted a moratorium to members who have not paid their dues for a year or more or may have lost their membership status to clear their arrears by January 15 next year so they can regularise their membership status.

Members who pay their dues are required to present the pay-in-slip to the Finance Office at the Ghana International Press Centre in Accra for receipt covering payment.

Per Article 9 of the GJA Constitution, “members who have paid their dues regularly for the past ten years and are sixty-five (65) years and above” are exempted from payment of dues.

Below is the full statement:

GJA urges members to pay 2022 dues by January 2023