An 18-year-old girl has recounted the terrifying moment three men abducted her for ritual purposes and how she survived the ordeal.

She recalled how she was redirected to the area to purchase Electricity Company of Ghana prepaid credit after the vendor in her vicinity complained her server had run down.

As she reached the Asante Line dusty route to Tafo, where she was headed, she said she bypassed the three normal-looking gentlemen, as she described them.

But, few steps after she was in the lead, one of the gentlemen in a blue top and trouser chloroformed her before his accomplice, dressed in black and white stripe top, carried her into the car.

The third suspect was the driver who was already positioned in the car ready to take-off.

“When the man covered my nose with the handkerchief, I became weak and they carried me into the car. I asked where they were taking me to, which they replied that they wanted to show me something. I tried to hide my phone and my money, but they told me not to bother myself because they were not after that.”

She continued that she lost consciousness later, only to wake up seated in front of a fat woman, believed to be the ritualist.

On how she survived the suspected ritual attack, she added that the said woman ordered them to send her away because “I don’t like this one, I don’t like fair people.”

The victim said the now angry trio drove her back to Asante line where they abducted her, and abandoned her by the roadside.

“When we got there, they asked me to step out, but I was too weak so one of them pushed me out of the car and they drove away. I managed to call my parents who came for me shortly afterwards,” she recounted.

Meanwhile, the girl’s superstitious mother, who told Joy News she was dumbfounded by the incident, attributed her daughter’s safety to her menstrual period, which she explained has the power to ward off any evil intention.