Finance Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam
Finance Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam

The Minister of Finance, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, has reiterated the government’s commitment to a robust economic recovery during his address as the special guest of honour at the Health Sector Annual Summit 2024.

Emphasising the positive trajectory, Dr Adam noted a significant decrease in inflation in recent months, signalling a promising path towards economic recovery.

Dr Adam expressed optimism that inflation would continue its downward trend, projecting a considerable reduction by the end of the year.

He attributed this positive outlook to the pragmatic policies implemented by the government aimed at revitalizing the Ghanaian economy and alleviating the hardships faced by citizens.

Highlighting the effectiveness of these policies, Dr Adam cited available data indicating a speedy rebound of the economy.

He stressed the government’s unwavering dedication to sustaining this momentum, ensuring continued progress and prosperity for the nation.

“The economy is rebounding strongly, and I can tell you as manager of the economy that our recovery is really strong. We face serious challenges, but the future is looking brighter and brighter.”

“As a result of the policies we have implemented, economic growth has become more robust than ever anticipated. Projected to grow at 1.5% last year [2023], we grew at 2.9%.”

“The signs of growth we’re seeing from the data also show that this year will be strong, and so, when I say the economy is strong, I mean it. Inflation has also been on the decline, from a peak of 54% at the end of 2022, and 12 months later, it came down to 25%.”

“We are working to ensure inflation reaches 15% by the end of this year. And by the end of 2027, inflation comes with a single digit,” he said.