stranded women in Saudi Arabia

Some Ghanaian women stranded in Saudi Arabia are as a matter of urgency appealing to the government to evacuate them.

The dreams of the women, numbering about ten, who travelled from Ghana in search of greener pastures have now been cut short.

A viral video captured the women narrate how they have been subjected to sexual harassment and other difficulties they are facing in their lines of work.

According to them, all attempts to return home have proved futile since they have spent all their earnings commuting to and from Ghana Embassy in Saudi Arabia for help.

They claimed the Embassy has directed them to return to their respective workstations with the explanation that they cannot do anything about their situation, especially when their contracts are yet to end.

However, they have not been able to go back to their bosses over fears that they may cause harm to them.

They said they go to the Embassy each day with the hope that things may take a different turn yet to no avail.


An ailing woman among the women, amid tears, said her condition was getting worse by the day but she cannot access healthcare.

“I have left my children in Ghana and I have been sick since I came here. I do not have papers so I cannot go the hospital for treatment’,” she said.

Watch the video below: